Surely a majority of 275 is enough for the Conservative Coalition in the Lords

The Conservative Coalition has just won a vote by a majority of 275 in the House of Lords on an amendment to the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Bill.  Yet, they are still insisting that they need to appoint another 30 Conservative life peers and an extra 15 Liberal Democrats to give them more foot-soldiers …..

4 thoughts on “Surely a majority of 275 is enough for the Conservative Coalition in the Lords”

  1. This will make it harder to justify an all appointed House. While no government enjoyed a majority, the arguments about the independent minded Lords with expertise being appointed had some validity. If the Government enjoys an inbuilt majority – then what is the point of a second chamber.

    This might be an example of being over-greedy – leading to the loss of what the greed is about

  2. Ron – prior to the election all parties agreed that it was a bad idea for a Government to have an inbuilt majority. Blair and Brown could only get their measures through if the Tories and Lib-Dems (with some crossbenchers) didn’t combine – they suffered scores of defeats. This government doesn’t need to worry about that now – when it gets its whipping operation together – with additional Government Peers the House of lords loses its ability to be a check on the Commons

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