Talking sense on the Royal Mail

Hopi Sen’s perceptive analysis on the Royal Mail is well worth reading. 

There is no question that the Royal Mail urgently needs to modernise.Ideally this debate should have happened ten years ago – the changing nature of communications means that the existing business will die unless the Royal Mail evolves and develops to reflect a modern world in which most communication takes place on-line. 

We all want to see a continuing public service, in which for a (reasonable) flat-rate fee posted material can be delivered fast and reliably to anyone in the UK, but this is not sustainable – even with enormous levels of public subsidy – unless the Royal Mail itself changes.  The risk is that by not proceeding and not having this debate now the universal service will collapse completely and disappear.  That would do nothing for those who currently work for the Royal Mail or for the pensioner waiting for a letter from his or her grand-children.

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