Teaching primary school children about safety on social networking sites

I have taken an interest in the safety of children and young people using social networking sites for some time, so I was interested to attend the launch by DigitalME of Safe, a new social networking safety programme for primary schools.

The programme is:

“designed to support primary school pupils in learning the essential skills to enjoy social networking, whilst remaining safe online. With children sharing content online and joining social networks at an increasingly younger age, there is a greater need to ensure primary aged pupils are equipped with the knowledge to understand potential risks and the skills to manage their digital footprint.”

It provides downloadable teacher resources so that primary school pupils can be given fun activities that help them improve their digital literacy skills.  As teachers were heavily involved in its preparation, it is designed to meet their needs, to fit in with the curriculum and aims to satisfy headteachers’ requirements (eg. a plaque to put up in the school hall) as well.

The programme is essentially free (although there is a charge for the plaque) and it certainly looks like a worth-while initiative to me.  I wish it well.

2 thoughts on “Teaching primary school children about safety on social networking sites”

  1. Isn’t there something profoundly sick about a society so obsessed that a school dinner woman giving a biscuit to a child (she was related to) could be questioned for “grooming”?

  2. I have heard of DigitalME it is a good service, The Bridge social networking goes a few steps further by really engaging children and teachers in digital e-safety and collaboration while having fun. please read more about The Bridge e-safety social network by googling bridgein social network.

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