“The Government Inspector” is a must-see at the Young Vic

Gogol’s “The Government Inspector” in a new translation by David Harrower is a must-see at the Young Vic.  The production is great fun with tremendous pace with an excellent cast.

Government Inspector

I have to admit that I did spend some time spotting the parallels between Julian Barratt’s corrupt and venal Mayor, who is desperately concerned about his image and whose approach to the public services for which he is responsible is more about how they look than what they do, and another Mayor closer to home.  However, there were also elements of Kyle Soller’s “Inspector” that fitted with the real-life Mayor’s persona: the Walter Mittyesque fantasies to say nothing to his approach to the women in the cast …..

Even if you don’t want to make dubious comparisons with today’s politics, you should still see “The Government Inspector”.  But hurry, it is only on till 9th July.

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  1. I had the part of the Police Chief in a production about 10 years ago. It was in Russian, joint UK Russian cast.

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