The Labour vote seems to be holding up in the battleground areas of Wood Green

After voting, I spent the morning campaigning in Wood Green in one of the wards that will be pivotal in determining whether Haringey Council remains Labour and whether LibDem Lynne Featherstone is replaced as MP by Labour’s excellent Karen Jennings.

I  had originally intended to work today in Hornsey Ward – the area I represented for 24 years until 2002.  However, I was told that they already had at least forty committed helpers there alone – a support level never achieved in the six local and seven national elections that I remember in that Ward.

In Wood Green, amongst the electors that I saw, not only was the Labour vote holding up, but also there was an enthusiasm to vote that was extremely encouraging.

Again, there was only a minimal Tory presence – it amounted to a gas-guzzling car parked outside the polling station with a large Conservative poster on its side and the engine running in case the parking attendants came by.

2 thoughts on “The Labour vote seems to be holding up in the battleground areas of Wood Green”

  1. Where were they for the Mayoral election of 2008? I enjoyed my times in the committee rooms but not on those monumental hills. Not read this post before, did you have crampons surgically attached?
    And is the hail often 2 cm dia?

  2. On further recollection my delivering there was before election day, the hail was in a shopping street.

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