The London Transport Museum – an enjoyable half-day

I am not the sort of person who wets themselves at the sight of a steam locomotive and, whilst I had a train set when I was a child, it was a very small one and I grew out of it by the age of eight.  However, I have to admit to enjoying a visit to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden this afternoon.  It is the first visit I have made there (apart from a brief foray into a drinks reception there last year), since it was re-opened following a major re-fit in 2007.

It is now well laid out with a trail to follow – starting 200 years ago and moving forward.  It is sensibly inter-active (early on, pressing a lever tells you how many tonnes of horse manure were deposited on London’s streets each day in the early 1800s, leading to the high-spot of a simulator for those who want to drive an underground train down the Edgware branch of the Northern Line) and for a moment I was even nostalgic for the inimitable smell of a 1960s tube carriage.

Currently, the Metropolitan Police, the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade are also on hand to provide street safety tips to children.

3 thoughts on “The London Transport Museum – an enjoyable half-day”

  1. One gathers that one’s Johnson B, Chair of London Transport and Mayor of London, has imposed a fee on senior citizens who want a shift around this attraction, Tobes?

    Did you have to divi up? You are too young, I think, to be affronted on a personal basis by a stiffening of the costs to we oldies of such ents.

    The devil’s blond reduced the hours for free travel on the tube some while back I gathered from my being asked to pay very early one morning on my way to Victoria. It is possible that this has been fudged, but I am quite clear that I travelled free at that hour and then a charge was made.

    The scunner has been examining his mouth with his toes again:

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