The Metropolitan Police Authority is about to be airbrushed out of existence, but its first eight years have gone already

This Thursday the last meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority will take place before it is abolished and replaced by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC – pronounced “MOPSY”) on 16th January.

The meeting on Thursday is not being held in City Hall and is much more low-key than usual with no written report from the Commissioner and with most of the agenda given over to formal reports winding up the remaining aspects of the MPA’s business.

There is, however, an item grandly-entitled “MPA Retrospective” which you might assume was intended to deal with what the MPA has achieved during its eleven and a half years of existence.

You might assume that, but you would be wrong.

In fact, the report only looks at the achievements “under the current administration” – i.e. since Mayor Boris Johnson and his Deputy Kit Malthouse AM got their hands on the tiller – so it is a record of the three and a bit years when the MPA was Tory-led and ignores the previous eight when its was Labour-led.

I am trying to establish whether this is simply an attempt to save paper (clearly a report that looked at what has been achieved since July 2000 when the MPA took office would be a good bit longer).  I am assured that a “there will be a full retrospective on the website”.  However, it is not there yet and the MPA website will be archived after this coming weekend, so that’s not much help…

Only an extreme cynic would suggest that this is yet another effort by parts of the GLA family to promote the record (sic) in office of a Tory Mayor in advance of the elections next May …..

Interestingly, one claim rather confirms the view that the Conservative tenure has provoked an unusually – and possibly unhealthily -high turnover of senior police officers at New Scotland Yard:

“20. The Authority has, since April 2008, appointed three Deputy Commissioners, 12 Assistant Commissioners, 23 Deputy Assistant Commissioners, and 63 Commanders. The Authority has made recommendations to the Home Secretary on the appointment of three Commissioners.”

 Apparently, that counts as an achievement …..

2 thoughts on “The Metropolitan Police Authority is about to be airbrushed out of existence, but its first eight years have gone already”

  1. The thin blue line is now thinner and Tory Blue…..
    Maybe the uniforms can be sponsored by a virgin bank or two…
    Next the “all new improved” Gove history education will only cover the Tory years…
    I nearly typed The Tony Years: For The Journey.
    Titter ye not..
    Please yourselves they will

  2. Rewriting history is a Bojo forte. Merely consult Wiki on his scandals periodically to observe much rewriting in the marsh.

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