The MOPSY is coming, but the Metropolitan Police Authority is not yet demob-happy

The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM, Deputy MOPSY*-in-Waiting, is in the Chair.  He hastened to start the meeting by announcing that the Home Office is working towards the abolition of the MPA and its replacement by the new MOPSY structures on 16th January 2012 – just 123 days before the Olympics Torch arrives in the country, fifteen weeks before the London Mayoral elections, and ten months before the rest of the country elects its Police and Crime Commissioners.

The Deputy MOPSY-in-Waiting admitted that his detailed plans for how the new arrangements were going to work were still being developed, but he did promise that he would publish these soon for discussion. He asserted that he wanted the public to feel more engaged with policing issues under the new arrangements.  John (“not for me to be critical”) Biggs AM (a Labour member) was keen for there to be clear structures for this, which goaded Tony Arbour AM and Steve O’Connell AM (both Tory members) to assure the meeting that as elected Assembly Members they were fully engaged with all of their several hundred thousand constituents all of the time.

The Commissioner was keen to live up to his blunt-but-fair tough-guy “Hulk” image and announced that he was a HIT MAN (“My values are Humility, Integrity and Transparency” who wants to be open and accountable.

So that’s all right then.


* more properly MOPC – the Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime

One thought on “The MOPSY is coming, but the Metropolitan Police Authority is not yet demob-happy”

  1. Has he sorted the dogs yet?

    Will not mad, dangerous dogs threaten the Olympics?

    The key to reasonably successful events is acceptable loos. Do London’s exceed the poor quality of those at Portland Bill?

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