The murder in Croydon is a reminder that there are no easy solutions to knife crime

The tragic murder of a man killed in front of his three year old daughter at a bus stop in Croydon on the way to visit his wife and new-born son in hospital is a tragic reminder that there are no easy answers in the fight against knife crime.

It would be wrong for anyone to try to make petty political points about whether or not this demonstrates that the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Blunt 2 against knife crime (initiated following the change of administration in London) has failed or has been misconceived.

This murder was an appalling crime.  It could have happened anywhere – with or without Blunt 2. 

Society as a whole has to address the underlying causes of knife crime and the police have to tackle both the individual cases and by being pro-active (as with Blunt 2) make it less easy for people to carry knives without the risk of detection.

Meanwhile our thoughts must be with the victim’s family and our hope must be that the perpetrators are quickly identified, arrested and charged.

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