The original MOPC

The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime has, of course, its own acronym: MOPC (which I keep reminding everyone is pronounced Mopsy).

But the acronym has, of course, a number of other (longer-established) uses, such as the Mount Olive Pickle Company and Mouse Plasmacytoma Cells.

However, the acronym MOPC is also used widely to denote mobile body armour in the form of Condor’s Modular Operator Plate Carrier, pictured here:

Not to be confused with the standard issue anti-stab MetVest:
I just thought you’d like to know …..

2 thoughts on “The original MOPC”

  1. It is the overall supervisory want of skills Cottontail brings to the operation which is of principal concern now.

    Let’s see to it the scunner Flopsy takes a walk in 2015 if not earlier ..

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