The Prime Minister’s instruction to the Metropolitan Police to review the Madeleine McCann case is in breach of the draft protocol that is supposed to protect the operational independence of the police

David Cameron has instructed the Metropolitan Police to review the case of Madeleine McCann.  This is in response to an open letter in The Sun and is entirely predictable in terms of the “pulling power” of News International on Government policy.

However, his intervention drives a coach and horses through the draft protocol issued by the Home Office designed to preserve the operational independence of the Police which says:

“The operational independence of the police service, and the decisions made by its operational leadership remain reserved to the Office of Chief Constable and that Office alone.”

Whilst no-one doubts the desirability of doing what can sensibly be done to find out what has happened to Madeleine McCann, I can imagine that the senior leadership of the Metropolitan Police are not exactly happy about this.  It again embroils their officers in a high profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters.

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  1. @ch Thank you for your candor. I understand what you say but it doesn’t make it right. I too would do anything I can to help a friend but I also do anything I can for anyone I feel needs it. As an ideal the world would be a better place if we were all charitable to each other regardless of personal freindships and favours. As an ideal that’s unlikely to ever be the case but thatdoesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it. There certainly needs to be a narrowing of the gap in cases such as this because everyone would agree loosiing a child is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

  2. When are the McCann’s going to realise their daughter is only one of many missing children. Why should they get priority. I am sick to death of seeing them and hearing them whining on. Maybe they should have been as diligent in looking after their children before she went missing.

  3. there are alot of children missing in ths country you are right and non of their parents are getting the publicity the mc canns are getting .why, it seems as if people are forgetting how neglected those children were when they were left on their own.its like rewarding wrongdoers ,what is wrong with this country.there is something so suspecious about the whole thing .at least i think there is they seem to love all the publicity and are enjoying meeting well known people its something you see alot in situations like this .in the meentime the two other children are getting left without their parents why was something not done by social services at the time .they seem to take children away from family’s who have done nothing wrong in the past as we have seen so why have the mc canns not been investigated by them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I could have told you I saw this comming year’s ago when the McCann’s faked their photos of their suposed missing daughter from several photos of several other children, namely Kate herself, Fiona Payne, Gail Cooper, and even Gerry’s sister Patricia when they were children, it’s not that hard to see the doctored edits on the McCann’s photos.

    Now who didn’t know that the McCann’s abducted daughter fairy story was fronting one of the biggest money laundering scams of the Britrish Taxpayers purse for £350 million via the civil servents and the Freemason corrupted police in the Metropolitan and HOme Office, put your hands up now idiots!

  5. The Met should get involved and start by interrogating the McCanns and their friends.

    They should then Investigate Gordon Browns relationship to the McCanns.

    After that thay should place some faith in their specially trained police dogs and handlers that found traces of blood and body fluids in the McCanns car.

    They should then investigate Clarence Mitchells income being paid by public funds 4 years on, and other aspects of the McCann’s gravy train which public funds again pays for all their expenses and mortgage.

    I am certain that if many MPs can be arrested and brought to court and sentenced for fiddling expenses to pay for their mortgage then Mr & Mrs McCann can be brought to account for some of their misuse of funds donated by the public.

    Finally after getting the help from 2 british Prime Ministers, maybe the latest one Mr Cameron can also help many other parents who have had their loved ones disappear in similar circumstances.

  6. There is absolutely no doubt that the majority of people who know about the McCann case think that Kate & Gerry McCann had something to do with the disappearance of their own child Madeline and no amount of time that passes or alleged sightings throughout the world or PR will help dispel the way people think.

    The Internet is full of the way people feel about the McCann’s and nothing is ever going to change that.

    Albeit that a few followers of the McCann’s will stick to their guns that Madeline was abducted and support them in their quest which will obviously continue as long as funds are poured into the McCann gravy train, but this is a futile and pointless exercise and only serving to pay for the McCann’s PR staff and expenses for world travel.

    No amount of money is going to bring poor Madeline back, and with such a huge reward being offered in the beginning, if there was any chance of her being found or returned then it would have been done at that time and not four years later.

    No other child has had so much publicity than Madeline McCann and with the www. The media and other PR gimmicks and yet still, there is nothing to go on.

    Many questions still remain regarding the parents and their associates.

    Why did Kate refuse to take a lie detector test?
    Why so many inconsistencies in their statements?
    Why go to so much effort to discredit the specially trained dogs?
    Why wash the curtains in their apartment?
    Why refuse to answer the 40 questions?
    Why hightail it from Portugal and employ top lawyers?
    Why very little or no emotion
    Why treat it like a business venture and a publicity campaign
    Why employ PR and staff
    Why phone the ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown
    Why give their children sedatives to make them sleep

    Now David Cameron has asked the Met Police to intervene and reopen the Investigation, but the real investigation should be into the McCann’s and their friends on that evening 4 years ago.
    The chances of Madeline McCann ever being found alive are so remote, and so are the chances of ever finding her little body.
    Her body will have been well hidden by the perpetrators, in my opinion Madeline McCann died that very night 4 years ago and in a much orchestrated plan her body was hidden at that time and then moved some time later.

    It is probably another crime that will never be solved because of the red herring abduction scenario to throw people away from the real events that unfolded in that last 24 hours.
    Now millions of pounds will be spent on another police investigation and guided by the McCann’s PR will be looking in the total wrong direction.

    Why does nobody ask, what is she wasn’t abducted, and what does that leave?
    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

    Is Mr David Cameron total convinced in his own mind that this was an abuction, and are the Met Police ?

    or is this just one more publicity campaign.

    If you want justice for Madeline McCann Mr Cameron, then ask the police to pursue this case as a non abduction first, you may find that you will end up with the real truth and a real result.

  7. I want Clarence Mitchell investigated.
    He was behind Ian Huntley’s arrest.
    The McCanns tried to set up Robert Murat to take the fall but that backfired.
    Clarence Mitchell is crooked and needs to be investigated.

  8. Ian Hitchings.
    True Crime Writer & Author.

    Only in his own head, like most of the other fantasists obsessing over the case.

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