The real threat to Party Leader election debates is not the SNP – it’s Nick Clegg

The SNP are threatening legal action if they are not included in any Party Leader election debates.

The reality is that once it was proposed that the LibDems and Nick Clegg be included in any election debate this was inevitable.  Who else?  UKIP?  The BNP?  The Monster Raving Loonies?

Nick Clegg is a fantasist in believing that he has a serious prospect of being Prime Minister.  I know it.  You know it.  And the public knows it.

People are interested in seeing a debate between the two serious contenders for the job.  Anyone else there is an irrelevance.  What is more it will detract from the real debate that people want to see happen.

If the debates are to happen, the objective has got to be to enable the public to hear directly from the Leaders of the Labour and Conservative Parties – and nobody else.

Does this undermine the expectation of broadcasting impartiality?  No – because it gives people the opportunity to examine the stance of those who are in serious contention to be Prime Minister (and not the fantasists).

If there is any doubt on the matter, perhaps the two main Parties in Parliament should agree a simple piece of legislation that puts the issue beyond question.   Let’s have “The Party Leaders Election Debate Bill” and stop all this nonsense from the LibDems, the SNP and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all.

One thought on “The real threat to Party Leader election debates is not the SNP – it’s Nick Clegg”

  1. Brown is right, as usual.

    A series of debates between those who have some chance of becoming PM, Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc might help people to decide how to vote.

    The alternative proposals, which somehow remind me of a group of madmen brainstorming a new reality Tv entertainment, would not.

    That is not what those proposals are for . . .

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