The Repeat Season: “Sainsbury’s home delivery service excels itself”

From 1 November 2009:

We do a regular shop from Sainsbury’s using the home delivery service selecting items on-line.  Those who do likewise will know that if the item you want is not available Sainsbury’s will carefully select for you an equivalent purchase – unless you have ticked the “No substitution” box.

This morning’s groceries arrived with only one substitution.  We had ordered four 125gm bars of Wrights Coal Tar Soap (you will be pleased to note that the Harris household washes).

However, instead of this:

See full size image

Sainsbury’s sent:

four three-packs of Wrigleys Orbit Complete Strawberry flavour chewing gum.

I am still trying to work out the thought processes of those who made the substitution.

One thought on “The Repeat Season: “Sainsbury’s home delivery service excels itself””

  1. I am not surprised.

    My coal tar soap was probably purchased at Waitrose, whose CEO/Chairman did not support Osborne’s attack on Darling’s position re the NI cont increase in a letter to the Times.

    I believe that Osborne has since virtually adopted the same position, and we await rather a lot of apologies from various UK shopkeepers.

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