The “secondary” market for hackers and malware

I’ve commented before on the market that has developed for hackers and malware writers to sell on their “products” to other criminals – even promoting their activities via Twitter.

This concern has now been repeated by the Canadian Criminal Intelligence Service in its 25th Annual Report on Organised Crime.  According to the Montreal Gazette:

“The report, released Friday, focuses on securities fraud, and states the size and complexity of schemes help conceal criminal activity, generate ample profits and facilitate tax evasion.

It said social-networking websites are allowing criminals to efficiently and anonymously issue fake news releases and promotional material to potential victims.

Aside from the use of Facebook and Twitter, criminal organizations are taking advantage of the hacker-for-hire black market, it said.

The report offered few further details. However, it did say that because of the availability of these services, fraudsters don’t need to acquire the necessary technical expertise to hijack computer accounts on their own.”

You read it here first.

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