The play, Red Fortress, at the Unicorn Theatre is offering children some serious and thought-provoking theatre.  It tackles religious tolerance and violent extremism in the name of religion, together with loyalty, friendship and love.  Three young people – one a jew, one a christian and one a muslim – originally living side-by-side in a harmonious Granada in the late fifteenth century find themselves tossed around in a war between religions.  It doesn’t pull any punches, nor is it history-lite with stereotypes.

The audience when we saw it (the target age-range is 10 to 15) were pretty riveted – proof if it were needed that there can be an antidote to Disney-fied offerings like High School Musical 3.  Alas the latter will no doubt be seen by more children and young people than will make there way through the Unicorn’s doors for a bit of live theatre in SE1.