Theresa May gets it; why don’t David Cameron and George Osborne

Theresa May is flying back from her holiday for urgent meetings to discuss the response to the London disturbances with senior police officers.
She understands that this is an important part of her role as Home Secretary.
(It of course demonstrates how much confidence she has in Mayor Boris Johnson to get it right in her absence and she must regret leaving Lynne Featherstone in charge of the Home Office for even ten minutes.)
What it also highlights is the decision of George Osborne and David Cameron to stay put on their expensive foreign trips while the world economy goes into meltdown.
She increasingly looks like the next Leader of the Conservative Party…..

One thought on “Theresa May gets it; why don’t David Cameron and George Osborne”

  1. Theresa May: Nanny of The Falange?

    Kit Malthouse seemed to be i/c Mayoral PR for a while. First time I’d heard him and I fear you didn’t adequately prepare us for his cack handedness, Toby. Truly Bojo’s malaprop.

    Please don’t let there be another Tory government. It’s like Lewis Carroll for stupid people.

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