Tom Harris has another Dr Who experience

I too like Dr Who.  However, I am not quite as much of a fanatic on the subject as is my (no relation) namesake Tom Harris MP (and indeed my favourite Doctor would be Patrick Troughton rather than Tom Baker – it’s an age thing).

Over the weekend Tom Harris recorded what thirty-five years ago would have been every male adolescent’s wet dream: a meeting with Dr Who companion, Katy Manning – and yes he is right she was the definitive Dr Who companion.

And note in the second photograph where Katy Manning has put her hand ……

The good news is that Tom Harris would have been only nine years old in 1973.

3 thoughts on “Tom Harris has another Dr Who experience”

  1. David Chameleon will be one of the husbands of the Fifteenth Dr Who.

    Believe me, Douglas Adams’ cousin used to bring Douglas’ tape recorder to work . . . . .

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