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I am not getting too excited about it – in fact, I am not getting excited at all – but “Total Politics” have been publishing their latest ranking of political blogs in the UK.  This year, the arrangements changed requiring a lot more effort from those who wanted to vote and I don’t know what that did to the level of participation in the exercise, as the background data is not published.

However, for what it is worth, this blog has been rated as 228th in the list of the top three hundred political blogs in the UK.  Apparently, this is an upward move: I was (although not aware of it) in 271st place last year.  At least, I am above Lynne Featherstone who comes in at 252nd.

The blog is also 33rd in the list of the top one hundred Labour blogs and personally I am 87th in the list of the top one hundred Labour bloggers (this is presumably not a bad result as David Miliband is at 72nd place and Ed Balls at 73rd with Tony Benn in the 90th spot).


4 thoughts on ““Total Politics” blog rankings”

  1. It is balderdash intended to serve the interests of Sir Ian Dale who narrowly escaped a libel suit by Tom Watson MP who sued the paper Dale wrote for successfully and his billionaire backer Lord Cashcroft.

    More readers for Paul Staines no doubt: you have real, useful influence and inform your readers well, sometimes humorously.

    In the past some distinguished and useful bloggers have asked to be excluded from Dale’s obsessional circus. More!

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