Trying to get my local MP to campaign

I have just met my local MP (Lynne Featherstone) in the supermarket (Marks and Spencer). I tried to interest her in running a campaign (isn’t that what LibDem MPs do?) against the strange new lay-out of the store (vegetables in three separate sections, two separated deli areas etc). She said she agreed with me (isn’t that what LibDem MPs do?), but seemed reluctant to follow through with a campaign. Maybe she suspected my motives, but why would I want her to seem like a light-weight frivolous climber-on of point-less bandwagons? Isn’t that what ….

2 thoughts on “Trying to get my local MP to campaign”

  1. Surely the answer is some central government targets for the average number of sections vegetables should be divided between, with the aim of halving the number by 2020?

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