United States labels six-year-old girl as a potential terrorist

According to that highly reputable source, the New York Daily News, the US Department of Homeland Security has placed a six-year-old girl from Ohio on its terrorist watch list.

Her father said:

“She may have threatened her sister.  But I don’t think that constitutes Homeland Security triggers.”

Apparently, after the family contacted the Department of Homeland Security, Alyssa received a letter that would neither confirm nor deny any information they have about her or someone else with her name.

It is one thing making a mistake, but another not being prepared to say you might have got it wrong.

One thought on “United States labels six-year-old girl as a potential terrorist”

  1. Of course nothing like that happens here – should some Brazilian, alone and unarmed get in the way of leaden death by gung-ho failed squaddies it would be churlish to oppose it. Should a newsvendor be kicked to death whilst walking away from a demo he had no part in of course our boys in blue should say “It was anarchists in stolen uniforms”.

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