US intelligence agency copies from UK Defence Ministry in forecasting global trends

The Guardian’s lead headline today “2025: The End of US Dominance” sounded dramatic, reporting the US National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends Review and its conclusions:

• US intelligence: ‘We can no longer call shots alone’
• European Union will be ‘hobbled giant’ by 2025
• Triumph of western democracy not certain.

It is quite clear, however, that what it contains can be found in a document that has been quietly available from the UK’s own Ministry of Defence for the last year or so: “The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036”.  It is interesting to know that the US intelligence world is so dependent on material produced by the UK!  The last time that happened was when Colin Powell reported on WMD in Iraq and as they say the rest is history. 

Actually, the MoD document is very good and a thought-provoking read, which I commend to anyone interested.  And, of course, it may be that the fact that both documents are so similar will suggest that the conclusions should be taken really seriously by the incoming Obama administration and our own government.

2 thoughts on “US intelligence agency copies from UK Defence Ministry in forecasting global trends”

  1. copy from the uk?
    either you are not actually privy to intelligence machniery or are ignorant.

    you have no defense. period.

  2. End of US dominance? Keep on thinking like this. {its good for US}

    HOW IS IT “OTHERS” HAVE YOUR INTEL OP METHODS as transmitted out of the UK by space based platforms {your constellation groups}?

    Very self aggrandizing statement. At expense to your personal/ public/ business, e commerce/ cyber/ network/ homeland security; information assurance-

    Your intelligence is from fabricated tabloid statements.

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