Vatican is the latest nation state to be the subject of a cyber attack

Apparently, last weekend the Vatican was subjected to a cyber attack from an unknown source.  According to the Rome-based Zenit News Agency, the attack meant that anyone typing Vatican into Google was directed to the site “” as the first suggestion, rather than the proper Vatican Web page.  According to the Agency:

“When this misdirection was discovered, Google was informed, said Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office.

The Internet organization immediately apologized and assured the Holy See that it would do what it could to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

On Sunday morning the problem seemed to be corrected, as users were once again directed to the proper Vatican Web page upon initiating a search for it.

Although the person who caused this problem has not been found, the indications suggested that the operation may have been carried out by someone who had significant knowledge of how Google functions.”

Heavens!  Is nothing sacred?

2 thoughts on “Vatican is the latest nation state to be the subject of a cyber attack”

  1. I suspect the delusions of the weirder kind of self appointed “libertarian” may have achieved a sacred status.

  2. I would be surprised if that is the first time the Vatican has been attacked via cyberspace. There is a strong correlation between physical conflicts and cyber attacks. This is particularly true when you throw religion into the mix.

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