Warning: Sugar’s about!

The clearest sign that Sir Alan Sugar’s ennoblement is now imminent were the sightings today of him being shown round the House of Lords by the Clerk to the Parliaments.  He even spent some time in one of the Galleries watching the House of Lords debate (and subsequently defeat the Government by voting in favour of) Lord Waddington’s amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill upholding the “free speech” defence against inciting homophobic hatred.  (It is not recorded whether he would have been against homophobic hatred or in favour of free speech.  Since he will be accepting the Labour Whip, I assume the former.)

The word is that he will be formally introduced into the House and take his title on 20th July.  I am sure he will receive a warm welcome ……

2 thoughts on “Warning: Sugar’s about!”

  1. There is a difference between “Freedom of Speech” and “freedom to abuse and libel” in my view, if I dare express it?


    Elsewhere, both the Dully Tele and on C i F, the freedom to express such views is treated as best traded off against the rights of homophobes on the one hand, and rabid libelers on the other:


  2. While on the subjects of rabid libelers, abusers and Baron Sugar, Toby, it will have come to your attention that Quentin Letts, a freelance serial abuser has been brought up sharp by Baron Sugar who alleges libel.

    The matter may hang on whether it is libelous to say that he was appointed to his Government advisory post because he is a TV star, while Baron Sugar and no doubt HMG would aver that it is because of his business expertise and illustrious successes in that field. They didn’t decide to appoint that australian who prattles on Breakfast, did they?


    It is time that a halt was called in the campaign of abuses and libels in which the right have reveled as they try to bring down a democratically elected government. http://quietzapples.blogspot.com/

    When the libelers are caught out the results are kept very low key:


    There are threats of a fighting fund for Letts, who, as a freelance will be unlikely to find LBC who broadcast the alleged libels alonside him in Court, on Iain dale’s blog today:


    Join the Counter Revolution! Who will have the “Backing Baron Sugar” Union Jack T shirts printed? MIght be a nice little earner . . .

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