What future for our cultural life? Is this where Tory cuts will fall?

A survey of councillors – most of whom were Conservatives who hold the leading positions in local government – has identified that museums, galleries and leisure are emerging as the top targets for local government cutbacks.  This is all about the quality of life and, in particular, the quality of the cultural life available in the wider community, especially those not able to afford expensive admission fees.

Whilst Mayor Boris Johnson has not gone as far as his local government colleagues, he has recently called for more “voluntary” admission charges and has said that people should feel more obliged to pay (or should that be shamed into paying?).

These are all straws in the wind, but they start to give some idea as to where Tory cuts might fall ….

3 thoughts on “What future for our cultural life? Is this where Tory cuts will fall?”

  1. Here in Camden, the Lib Dems are decimating local archives. It doesn’t help that National Archives are being pared!

    Future historians will have little to remember key elements of our past and this period 1997-2010 will be lost for ever…

    second thoughts…….er……maybe not such a bad idea?

  2. Destroying archives is a disaster Paul.

    The V & A could highlight its collecting thingummy as one arrives from the tube access more I think.

    The New Yorkers interviewed on BBC this morning re their payments to enter a public museum (I take it) were ace, but some were unaware that the payment (up to $20) was voluntary.

    Novelty for Boris to say something sensible when his name has become more widely adopted to suggest a cock up:


    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=boris (7 most contemporaneously)

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