What the Tories really think about climate change and the Copenhagen summit – the UK should stop doing anything

Lord Lawson of Blaby (Nigel Lawson) has spelt out what the great mass of the Conservative Party really think about climate change and the Copenhagen summit: if you believe the scientific evidence on climate change (and most of them don’t), as the summit was a failure, the UK Government should repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 (as in the absence of concerted international activity it will not make a difference) and do nothing at all; and if you don’t believe the scientific evidence on climate change, the UK Government should repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 and do nothing at all. Either way, we should bury our heads in the sand.

Yesterday afternoon, in the House of Lords he spelt it out:

“Lord Lawson of Blaby: My Lords, it is difficult to
engage with the Minister, since his answers to previous
questions have made clear that he is not living in the
real world at all, as the noble Lord, Lord Teverson, to
some extent pointed out. Nevertheless, does the Minister
recall that last year I pointed out that his own department
put the cost of the Climate Change Act to the British
economy at anything up to £18 billion a year, year in,
year out, and that there would be no conceivable
benefit unless there was a global agreement of the
same kind? Therefore, I asked him a year ago whether
he would undertake, if there was no such agreement at
Copenhagen, to repeal the Act, or at least to put it into
suspense. He replied that the question did not arise
because he was confident that there would be a wholly
satisfactory agreement atCopenhagen. Since the Minister’s
confidence, like everything else that he has said, has
been proved to be wholly misplaced, will he now
undertake—unlike the European Union, which has
made this conditional—to put thiswholly unconditional,
hugely damaging and hugely costly burden on an
economy which is not in the most robust condition
anyway into suspense as a result of the total failure of
Copenhagen to achieve what he was confident it would
achieve? Clearly, no useful purpose can be served by
carrying on with this at present.”

And then a few minutes later shook his head vigorously in disagreement when Lord Chris Smith referred to the “overwhelming” scientific evidence on climate change.

Nigel Lawson is absolutely clear on what he believes and is confident he is speaking for the great bulk of the Conservative Party.

One thought on “What the Tories really think about climate change and the Copenhagen summit – the UK should stop doing anything”

  1. The employment lifestyle is destroying the world and our health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The only sustainable and reasonable solution is to “retire.” We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle with trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us. That solves “climate change” and pollution of our air, land, water and food, disease, energy crisis, war, immigration, financial crises, and social problems at the same time. Any other solution causes other problems, takes away our freedoms and is not even a good delay. Leviticus 26 God promises rain in due season for the obedient.

    The goal is not delay or bribery and corruption opportunities via Copenhagen.
    The goal is not jobs, financial opportunities, or new technology.
    The goal is survival, good health and healthy food and peace.
    The goal is a lasting solution; a garden paradise lifestyle gives that.

    Marie Devine
    God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.

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