Whatever floats your boat …..

People go in to public life for many reasons.

A few simply want to BE something – to be called “Councillor” or have “AM” or “MP” after their name.

Most in my experience want to make a difference – to improve public services or make them more accountable; to help those who are disadvantaged; or to promote other interests they regard as important (I will resist the temptation to talk about ex-Bullingdon Club members promoting their class interests).

The rewards and gratification for most public service are pretty small.

I was interested therefore to hear one of my MPA colleagues (a Member of the London Assembly as it happens) purring by the coffee machine just before the start of an MPA Sub-Committee.  I realised this could not be in anticipation of a riveting discussion on a particularly technical business case that was the main item on the agenda of the meeting, nor was it likely to be the prospect of the machine-generated coffee.

What had produced this reaction?

She told me it was the “sexually suggestive” description of the Sumatran coffee option – “dark roast, sweet and chocolatey”.

She had a happy smile on her face ….

…. whatever floats your boat.

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