Why aren’t G4S tapping into the pool of retired police officers to recruit security staff for the Olympics?

My attention has been drawn to a statement from the National Association of Retired Police Officers saying that many of their members could have been available to G4S as security staff for the Olympics but there has been no approach to their Association for help.

Eric Evans, the President of the National Association, has said:

‘ At a time when unemployment is so high and many police officers are retiring earlier than planned because of Government cut backs, it is difficult to understand how G4S have failed to recruit the required number of security staff. I am sure that many of those of our members, who have recently retired would have been glad of an opportunity to get some employment at the Olympic Games not only for the money but also to be involved in such a major ‘lifetime’ event. I am frankly very surprised that G4S have not sought our assistance in recruitment.’

He goes on to comment:

“It is however the case that we at the national office of NARPO have not at any stage been approached by G4S to assist in recruiting security staff for the Olympics and certainly have not received any memorandum from G4S this week or at any other time requesting such assistance.”

How serious were G4S to get themselves out of the mess in which they have got themselves and why haven’t the Home Office told them to use retired police officers in this way?

3 thoughts on “Why aren’t G4S tapping into the pool of retired police officers to recruit security staff for the Olympics?”

  1. The answer is fairly obvious :

    * they are professionals, and would be expected to be treated as such, not as a bunch of poor un-employed mendicants to be pushed around and forced to ‘live’ in metal freight containers, or under bridges

    * they’d have stated quite clearly that they should be paid the reasonable rate for the job

    * they have experience of being in a Trades Union, showing solidarity and knowing their employment rights.

    They are the LAST sort of people that G4$ would want for this sort of cash cow adventure in milking the Public purse.

  2. Get with the programme! Squaddies on £16K and sleep in a disused warehouse. Plod on £60K and are in luxury hotels. Shoot the royals, have an uprising & declare a republic! Tobes President 4 Life!

  3. There is a more simple reason. Guards are required by law to have a SIA Licence, which requires some study / teaching, form filling and payment of a fee. Then G4S and maybe LOCOG insist on a CRB check, which can take months to appear – even in normal times. A PNC check is easier G4S has direct access, although probably for prison use not vetting.

    It is unclear if a CTC / SC vetting check is required, that relies on a certain agency being prepared for thousands of checks.

    All told more than enough reason to decline NARPO’s help.

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