Why is Gordon Brown still Prime Minister?

There is a certain amount of hysteria in various quarters as to why Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister and is still at Number Ten.

Yes, of course, Labour “lost”  the General Election.  It lost its overall majority in the House of Commons by losing 91 seats.  No-one is arguing about that.

Equally, no Party “won” the General Election.  The Tories gained seats, but not enough to give them an overall majority in the House of Commons.

And just for the record the LibDems lost seats.

So we are now witnessing what happens in most other countries after a General Election – especially those where they have PR-based elections – negotiations between the political Parties to see whether an administration can be formed that can command a majority in Parliament.

But, in the meantime, the Queen’s Government must continue.

So – as is the norm – in every other country where they go through similar processes the out-going Government remains in power on a caretaker basis until they are either confirmed in power or a new administration is agreed.

The Cabinet Office has strict rules as to what Ministers can and cannot do during such a period.

Britain cannot go unrepresented internationally.  There are key meetings in Brussels in the coming week of EU Foreign Ministers and EU Finance Ministers.  Britain will need to play its part in these.  So Ministers will attend, but will keep their counter-parts in the other Parties fully informed throughout.

That is right and proper.  It is not Labour clinging to power.  It is Labour playing its appropriate part in a constitutional process.

8 thoughts on “Why is Gordon Brown still Prime Minister?”

  1. please don’t let the facts stand in the way of right wing media propaganda. this wasn’t supposed to happen ,mail,sun,telegraph etc thought dave was going to walk the election. they’re thrashing around in their frustration and bitterness ,hence the brown clinging to power propaganda.

  2. There is no constitution. An unwritten one? That will get you as far as an unprinted five pound note. Labour realise the backlash will be awesome.

  3. wait until you see the tory backlash against daves clique for not scoring with an open goal.mutterings have already started lol

  4. Our constitution is written in various documents, but no one codified one, and relies on precedent to some extent.

    Broxted has fallen over his brick again.

    I’d like to donate a book, but perhaps Toby will recommend one to him? His film earnings may suffice.

  5. Broxsted rubbish as usual. Try Erskine May which is one of the documents, and Dicey if my recollection is correct.

    Some of us recall the dead of Britain’s Wars and wish to follow them
    in ensuring their sacrifice to make our homeland safe is not betrayed.

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