Will Mayor Boris Johnson be a one-term Mayor?

According to Local Government Chronicle, a slip of the tongue by Deputy Mayor Sir (rumoured soon to be Lord) Simon Milton has suggested that Mayor Boris Johnson only intends to serve one term in office and will not run on his record (or otherwise) in 2012.  Listening to the slip, it sounds to me like a genuine slip of the tongue, but psychologists claim that such slips are more revealing than one might think ……

Certainly, Londoners will expect more of a coherent vision from a Mayor seeking re-election than they got in 2008 and is so far apparent from the incumbent, so may be there really will be no appetite for a second term.

2 thoughts on “Will Mayor Boris Johnson be a one-term Mayor?”

  1. I may be the only person other than Gordon Brown to believe that Labour can form the next government. I may be the only person who believes that if the Tories form a minority government they will last less than six to 12 months.

    I suspect that Boris shares similar suspicions.

    I, for one, would not be surprised to see Boris leader of the Tories by 2012 and win a general election in 2013 or 2014.

    In 1979, Pierre Trudeau and his Liberal Party were loathed after 11 years in power. Joe Clarke won a small majority. Trudeau retired. Clarke, who had not sealed the deal with Canadians, lost the Budget vote, Trudeau unretired and won in 1980.

    As my gran used to say – I have a feeling in my waters.

    I had the same feeling in Dec 1975 when I met a southern Democrat from Georgia in Vermont. A British betting firm was giving 254-1 odds to a James Carter.

    I wired my mother $100 to place the bet. A year later, I learned that my mum – who didn’t agree with betting – had bought premium bonds for me!

    It was the first and only time I ever gambled.

  2. I too think it likely Gordon Brown will form another Government this year.

    Carter – a southern devout Democrat farmer to run against big business republicans – might logically have seemed better than a 254 – 1 shot I think.

    In the same way my only bet as an adult (apart from the lottery) was @50 – 1 ManU to perform the treble 1999.

    Bojo may touch their sweet spots but his misjudgements suggest that he would have very big problems unifying the UKIP/Tory Party.

    There’s no doubt he is losing patience with London, or that his aim is high. His Dully Tele biographer seemed to think that was his sole fixed point I recall.

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