My default position is that the new Coalition Government is hell-bent on creating a double-dip recession and on dismantling vital parts of the public sector, is ideologically-driven and is cavalier about the impact of its policies on disadvantaged communities. And I remain to be convinced that it is not taking unacceptable risks with national security.
So the stories I have been hearing about the willingness of the Government to invest in the nation’s cyber-security come as an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise.
I am told that David Cameron personally has been convinced that the comprehensive spending review must ensure that substantial extra resources are spent on developing the UK’s capacity to counter cyber threats to its infrastructure and that the debate between the Treasury and the Cabinet Office is whether the new investment should be £1.5 billion or £2 billion.
This of course is still far less than many other countries are investing. However, if my informants are correct, this would be a useful step in the right direction. Seeing will be believing. And we’ll see on 20th October.

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