Will we get a British “Counter-Terrorist Hotline” App?

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security has produced an i-Phone App, which captures real-time suspicious activity reports submitted by the general public, private sector, and non-law enforcement first responders.

The intention is that the free mobile application will allows users to report suspicious activities and items.

And helpfully the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security defines “suspicious activities and items”:

““Suspicious activity” is human action logically indicating the possibility of an immediate or a near-future unsafe event.  A “suspicious item” is any article or “thing” that reasonably could become harmful to others, therefore meriting professional inspection and disposition.”

Apparently, the Eyes and Ears on Kentucky mobile application captures information about the incident, subject(s), and vehicle(s), and takes advantage of built in functionality from the iPhone such as global positioning and the camera.   

I wonder if or when we will get a British version linked to the Counter-Terrorist Hotline?

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