With British politics in meltdown, the House of Lords debates bees

One of the features of the House of Lords is its ability – sometimes its almost surreal ability – to disconnect itself occasionally from the political hurly-burly and focus on other matters that are important but rarely get much political ‘airtime’.  Today, as Parliament packed up for a week’s recess to recover from one House losing a Speaker for the first time in over 300 years, the other House reviving a power last used in 1642 to suspend two of its members, and the expenses of members of both Houses under embarrassing scrutiny, the House of Lords spent 90 minutes discussing the effect of disease on the British bee population.   And quite right too.

2 thoughts on “With British politics in meltdown, the House of Lords debates bees”

  1. Well, I am glad they are concerned about the bees and have something more interesting and important to discuss than the eternal navel-gazing and ‘how do I get out of the mess I’ve created?’ However, the idea that bees need legislation shows the extent to whch government interference has sunk.
    Surely, sir, if MPs stopped interfering in every minute detail of people’s (and other creatures’!) lives, we would all be a lot better off.

  2. Bees are important to Great Britain’s agriculture and horticulture.

    Quite right that the Lords discuss the matter.

    If they think of a way of helping rescue the situation, rather than leave it to the Beekeepers who may not have the resources or organisation to approach the problem that may well be vital.

    A free market in the extinction of Bees is not comme il faut, however laisser faire.

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