Yet another example of LibDem hypocrisy – they don’t do diversity

The editorial dispute in The Guardian over which Party they should endorse in the General Election has apparently been heated and bitter – even though it is difficult to think that there is a single Guardian reader who will have been waiting to hear which way they opted in order to make up her or his mind.

Clearly, Jackie Ashley is not one of those bowled over by Clegg-mania.  In a thoughtful article this morning she asks “Where are the women in Clegg’s top team?”

And the numbers are striking.  The LibDems have fewer women candidates in 2010 than they did in 2005 – a mere 22% of the total.  According to Jackie Ashley:

“At the root of the Lib Dems’ failure to deal with the gender deficit is their opposition to positive discrimination. At last year’s Speaker’s conference on making parliament more representative, Clegg suggested the problem was not the selection process as such, but the fact that not enough women were coming forward in the first place.”

And their record on race is equally dire: they have no black or minority ethnic MPs.

5 thoughts on “Yet another example of LibDem hypocrisy – they don’t do diversity”

  1. The Liberals however “do” democracy. They agree with me (and the ECHR) that the six year ruling (post Marper) is disproportionate. Next step, transparent verification of deletion of DNA samples. At present we only have P.C Plods word. That is useless, there must be an independent way of checking. If the police have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.

  2. So the brick throwers fancy Clegg?

    And presumably hope he’d release those who have been jailed because DNA helped find them guilty, and imprison those whom DNA evidence freed.

    Small wonder the British Public don’t trust the new Orange Book Lib-Dem leader who hates Brown as Osborne does, on a class basis.

  3. It is a small number Q. BTW, Low Copy Number doesn’t work. Ten line markers don’t work. You are bamboozled by statistics.

  4. The number is many hundred times greater than the numer of those who sufer police brutality each year.

    Nothing wrong with statistics, but perspective and level good sense a necessity.

  5. A better necessity is the abolition of 3500 laws, the return of trial by jury, of the right to silence. Athens today, London tomorrow.

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