I missed this from Pippa Crerar in the Evening Standard a few days ago:

“David Cameron has made his feelings clear on the prospect of a quick return to national politics for Boris Johnson – who some speculate is a rival for the party leadership. He told Vanessa Feltz’s BBC radio show he was “sure” Boris would stand for another four years as Mayor. But a spokesman for the Mayor is quick to point out: “It is not a decision for David, it is a decision for Boris whether he stands again.””

It just shows again that there is a real sense of needle between David Cameron and Mayor Boris Johnson.

Why did the Mayor’s office bother to respond at all?

There are three possible answers:

  • the Mayor cannot turn down any opportunity to contradict his Party Leader; or
  • the Mayor is not, as I have been predicting, intending to stand again in 2012; or
  • both of the above.
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